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Visit VK2OMD’s website for a range of interesting information. Owen has given access to his LOOP antenna calculator as demonstrated in my video of EMR measurements using the RFPM1 power meter. This calculator enables you to vary the parameters to suit your particular requirements.

And some tests currently in progress on the RFPM1 meter kit – 23 Nov. 2014.

VK3AQZ RF power meter (RFPM1) – filter response example by Owen Duffy.

Owen has also designed a small calibrated loop pickup antenna which can be used to obtain reasonably accurate field strength measurements of VHF and UHF transmitters.  This is the link.  Dated 14th July 2015.

Transmit performance of 2m hand held transceivers – absolute gain estimates


Visit Hauke, VK1HWs website. Hauke has constructed the 20dB attenuator and performed some response measurements.

Also note the modification with the placement of the series arm of the attenuator which has resulted in an improvement in the return loss.


Visit Dr. Carol F. Milazzo’s webpage titled:-
Antenna System Measurements with the MFJ-202B RX Noise Bridge
“RX Noise Bridge Calibration  and Applications in Measurement of an Antenna
and a Zip Cord Transmission Line.”
The link below takes you to Yoshi Akiyama’s blog website.
Yoshio has been experimenting with EH antennae and is using
the noise bridges to tune them. Use Bable translate for english.
Also look at Mitsunori Watanabe’s website for his documentation of his assembly and some advice with some sections of the construction. This would be helpful for Japanese buyers.
Bill, k6whp has this interesting blog site.
Bill describes in detail the assembly of an RX2
in the February archive posts.
Have a look.
The links below contain transmission line calculators.
RF CALCULATORS – the Microwave Journal website: in the design tools section.