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The VK3AQZ MK4 rig was published in the WIA AR magazine over 6 issues. The rig uses 2 independent VFOs controlled by a pair of Arduino Mega2560s. The sketch files, and libraries used, are contained in the zip file below. Use the libraries in the zip files. Other libraries may work but not guaranteed. The full details are contained in the magazine and contents are held by the WIA. The first issue was Volume 87, Number 6, December 2019.


VK3AQZ MK4 software zip













Downloads for the kits supplied by me but no longer made.

VK3AQZ RX1 Manual  VK3AQZ RX2 manual   

VK3AQZ RX1 kits update 14 Feb 2010

 VK3AQZ RX kits update for new SO239 29th Sept 2011   

 Lid screw attachment hint   

  RF deck assembly screw alignment problem  

  knobs too tight on shafts problem


VK3AQZ RFPM1 power meter kit V1   


VK3AQZ ATTENUATOR kit manual   


VK3AQZ CAL1 kit V1  


TAP40 kit  

dBm to voltage conversion chart   

Uniden 2020 service and misc info ZIP file