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Small tower

The photos below show a small homebrew guyed tower. It is constructed using lengths of 25mm and 20mm galavanised steel tubing. Braces and an A frame construction provide a strong but lightweight dismantable tower. The design of this tower allows the beam to be rotated at ground level and the design of the bearing system allows the beam to be assembled at ground level and raised by means of a low cost brake winch. The guys ensure the tower can handle strong winds when a beam is attached. For whips and small beams, the structure is self supporting providing a suitable base achor is installed. The centre pole gives a height range from 5 to 8 metres and suits small suburbann backyards and within the height limitations of most councils for TV antenna masts. The A frame is easy to erect by one person prior to adding the beam and the main design feature is that it is not necessary to climb the tower to install the antenna.