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MK5 TFT meter tests.

This video shows the RF output power and SWR functions on the TFT meter on my homebrew MK5 3 band HF transceiver. The TFT display is 1.8″ and is driven by an Arduino NANO processor. On this homebrew transceiver I wanted to experiment with a digital display in place of the more traditional analogue meter, and particular to see if it would perform in a 100W radio without problems from RF generated by the radio. So, far it seems to work without problems.


This video is part 1 of 2 parts, which continues with the testing of the TFT meter display on my MK5 HF transceiver. This part 1 video shows the response of the S meter section and resulting display. Part 2 covers the S meter code sections of the Arduino sketch.

This is part 2 of the VK3AQZ HF transceiver TFT S meter testing. This part shows some of the Arduino code used to produce a signal strength display on the TFT meter.