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Low quality Electrolytic capacitors.

This video shows the difference between genuine high voltage electrolytic capacitors, and ones purchased on the web, of dubious quality. These capacitors were purchased for use in a KW1000 HF linear amplifier. One set of poor quality ones were marked as 470uf, but all 8 of then measured only 270uf on 2 capacitance meters, and after attempting to reform the insulating layer. A second set were marked as 470 volts rating, but failed to reach past 200 volts indicating that the wrong label or internal construction was wrong. Genuine Nippon ones purchased around 1995, had product markings, and worked correctly. The poor quality ones, also marked as Nippon, had no product code, and did not perform as marked. The poor quality were purchased from Asian vendors, and it took considerable effort to obtain any sort of refund.